An over-the-top collection from Down Under

Happy Saturday and welcome to Shelf Porn! Today Oliver in New Zealand shares his collection of graphic novels, board games and more, which resides on two shelves at two different houses.

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And now let's hear from Oliver ...


First of all I'm from New Zealand so getting a good range of books isn't the easiest thing, but luckily I work at a place that gives me some good discounts.

I started on super hero graphic novels but quickly moved to more contemporary works (very few super hero graphic novels remain in my collection)

You have the Sandman to thank for this collection, without those books I don't think I ever would of fully got into graphic novels.

Also I moved out of a home almost 2 years ago but still haven't bothered to move one of my book shelves.

So this is the first shelf (at my mothers :P)


Manga, Tezuka's alternate stuff, Mizuki & Tatsumi.

Highlight is The Private Collection a collection of Victorian (well very old school any way) porn.

Alot of L&R books

The Sandman really got me into comics, and the Black Hole is my favourite graphic novel.

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