An Open Letter to Matt Fraction, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, et al., on Young Avengers Present #6

Dear Creative Team of Young Avengers Presents #6,

If you guys wanna do a run on Young Avengers, or Hawkeye and Ronin Team-Up, or Hawkingbird Don't Sing, or whatever you want to call it, I'm all for that. I will buy variant covers, even if they're really lame, awful Marvel Zombies cover homage crap that I hate, just to support it. I'm pretty much willing to do a lot of horrible things so that a further teaming of you guys on this kind of book. If neccessary, I mean. If I had an absurd amount of money to commission this comic just for my personal amusement, I would do that, but I don't, and that kind of thing would be kind of strange anyway, and Joe Rice might get queasy.

So, in summary, you guys, Young Avengers ongoing, something I'd like to see, I'm willing to do as much as possible from my position as a fifth string blogger to make that happen. Just throwing that out there.


Brad Curran

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