An open letter from CBLDF Director Charles Brownstein

Press Release

This week the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund sent a $10,000 retainercheck to Jesus Castillo's legal counsel to pay for the first stage ofhis Supreme Court appeal. We were able to do this thanks to thegenerous contributions raised in auctions initiated by Jim Lee,Comicon.com, and MileHighComics.com.

Since starting in mid-November, the Comicon.com auction has raisedover $8,000 for the CBLDF, and it's not over yet. Spearheaded byComicon.com founders Rick Veitch and Steve Conley, artists fromacross the industry have donated work to this auction to benefit theFund. There's still a week to go, with original and rare work byDavid Lloyd, Gilbert Shelton, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, EddieCampbell, Bill Sienkiewicz, Bryan Talbot, Paul Mounts, Marc Hempel,George Walker, Judd Winick, Brian Wood and others on the block. Thisauction aims to generate enough income for the Fund to pay off therest of this year's legal bills.

Last week, the Fund also auctioned off the Perfect 10.0 Edition ofThor #156, donated by Mile High Comics founder Chuck Rozanski. Thebook sold on Sunday to a supporter for $5,000. Rozanski has been theFund's most ardent supporter this season. He won the Jim LeeBenefit Signing auction for $6,700 and followed that up by running theFund's Mid-Ohio Con auction, where he raised over $2,000. Hisdonation of the rare, historic Thor comic from the Mile High 2collection is a sacrifice that demonstrates his firm commitment tothe Fund's mission, and it's a commitment for which we're grateful.

The donations these auctions have generated and the steady flow ofmemberships and other contributions that you've made are helpingthe Fund through one of our most expensive years in recent memory.Because of this support, we've been able to tackle the latestcrisis in the Castillo battle.

Unfortunately, the bigger war is not won. The Fund still has toraise another $20,000 to pay off the rest of this year's legalbills, which include fees for our retained counsel and bills from StuHelm's battle with Kraft. With your continued support during thelast week of the Comicon.com Auction, we can come close to that. Andif you've been meaning to join or renew your membership, going towww.cbldf.org and doing so now will help us get even closer.

It's not a secret that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund dependson the support of the comics community so that we can defend ourindustry's own. The community's response to the immediatecrisis of the Castillo Supreme Court appeal demonstrates that comicspeople care about their own. If you've been among the individualswho supported that motion, you should know that your dollars trulyhave made a difference.

As we close the year, keep an eye on cbldf.org for info about thelast offerings of the Comicon.com Benefit Auction. There's someexcellent one-of-a-kind pieces that will make great gifts for yourfavorite comics fan, or a nice reward for yourself. If your paymentis received by December 19, we can still turn it around in thecontinental U.S. for Rush Christmas delivery. Best of all,you'll be giving a gift that matters by supporting the Fund's effortson behalf of the comics community.

All of us at the Fund thank you sincerely for your support of ourwork in 2002. With your continued support, we can make 2003 a bettertomorrow for comics.

Charles Brownstein

Executive Director

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