An Odd Tempest in a Teapot

This whole backlash against the different style of art in Betty and Veronica Double Digest just seems so bizarre to me.

I mean, it is clearly stated that it is only going to be this one title by Archie (Betty and Veronica Double Digest). Meanwhile, Archie has had the Sabrina comic book drawn in a totally different style for almost two years now, and no one seems to mind that, do they? Has it affected the main line of comics at all? Heck, this change isn't even in a regular comic title - it's only in a digest! It's not even in one of the NORMAL digests, but one of the double ones!

Johanna Draper Carlson had an interesting link to a blog by "Betty" which is hosted by Archie Comics, and in it, "Betty" rails against the change even!! Yes, even fictional characters are freaking out about this tempest in a teapot!

This is such a bizarre non-story. In fact, the REACTION to the event is much more of a story than the actual event itself! The whole "Betty" thing (where she complains about the changes, then has her blog moved from being an "official" blog to being an independent blog hosted by Archie Comics) is much more interesting than Archie doing a series of comics where the Archie gang are drawn in a different style of artwork.

That all being said, I am not a fan of the artwork shown on this cover. The concept I think is a good one, but that cover is not all that great.

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