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Not only does cool art cross my desk, but sometimes the amazing people that create it drop me a line to reveal the method behind the madness. Take pages 10 and 11 from ULTIMATE X-MEN #10, for instance. These two pages feature Nightcrawler and Cyclops examining a particularly creepy creature. But true to his nature, the great Adam Kubert not only created the fantastic visuals... but experimented in the process!

"What's kinda neat about these are the baby mutant in the tank," Adam explained to me. " I colored it on a high tech copy of the inks and used some very, very pretty pastel pencils. I originally drew the baby thing as a silhouette and asked Art Thibert to mail the finished inks back to me. I worked on a copy of it because I didnt want to screw up the original. Once I finished with the color rendering, I asked that the two pages be composited and colored as usual. So what you see is low tech and high tech. Cool, eh?"


Cover by Adam Kubert

Mark Millar (w)/Adam Kubert (p)/Scott Hanna (i)

* THE LOWDOWN: The team faces deadly decisions in "Return to Weapon X" part 4 of 6!

* THE STORY: The X-Men are in the hands of the Weapon X program -- and John Wraith intends to make them over in the program's own dark image, beginning with a mission that will force Marvel Girl to make a unspeakable choice! Meanwhile, Wolverine desperately tracks his teammates -- and enlists the aid of the recently resigned Nick Fury!

* THE BUZZ: "Once again, Mark Millar delivers some of the most 'real' dialogue the X-Men have ever uttered, and Adam Kubert backs him up with stunning art on every page. Definitely pick this one up. If it's even half as popular as the first issue, you won't be able to find it in a couple of weeks." - IGN.com

* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads... with that nice cardstock cover and slick pages!

On Sale Sept. 19th $2.25

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