An Honest to God Preview of 'True Story, Swear to God' #5

UPDATE 4/8/03 3:38 PM PDT - Beland wrote to us this morning to notify CBR News that TSSTG has been nominated for an Eisner Award in the category of "Best Continuing Story." The 2003 Eisner Awards will be held in San Diego at Comic-Con International this summer to recognize product published in 2002 (it's officially called the 2002 Eisner Awards, but naturally the award ceremony is held the following year). This brings his total to three nominations for the lifetime of the book, two of them coming in the 2001 Eisner Awards. Expect the full list of Eisner Award Nominees here at CBR shortly

Tom Beland has built his name and reputation in comics in a way that hasn't been done in ages by publishing, what is at its core, a romance comic. "True Story, Swear To God," which tells the story of how he met and eventually married his wife Lily, took the comic industry by surprise back in 2001, garnering almost universal praise that resulted in a couple of Eisner Award Nominations. The series has since seen publication of four issues of the series, plus a collection of the first four issues offered by AiT/Planet Lar. This June sees the release of the fifth issue of "True Story, Swear To God," and Beland has provided CBR News and exclusive first at seven pages from that issue.

"The series is autobiographical and centers around myself and Lily," described Beland of the series in an interview in February of this year with CBR News. "We met at a bus stop in Disneyworld while covering the opening of their Animal Kingdom. She was from San Juan, Puerto Rico and I was from Napa Valley, California. It's been THE most interesting relationship I've been in my life.

"Picture 'My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding' and there's sort of the flavor of the series. I have more emotional scenes in my series than that movie, but as far as cultures getting together, the film and the comic sort of blend."

To learn more about the series, click the following links and check out the first seven pages to the series below.

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