An Earth Shattering, Ground Breaking, Epic Mega Event that will shatter the Internet in to fractions that you can't even measure forever!

I got Absolute New Frontier for my birthday and you didn't!*

I don't have anything else to add to that statement, really. I haven't had a chance to read either of the books yet (New Frontier is still in the shrink wrap, but man, that slip case alone...) or play Ultimate Alliance yet. I just felt like rubbing it in the nerd blogdom's assembled faces.**

* And also Scott Pilgrim Volume 3 and the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game for the PS2.** I gloat in this way not knowing how many of you celebrated this, the day of your birth, today, and happened to get all of these things as well. If so, good on you. We share in this glorious bounty of comicy goodness, and thusly, can look down upon the mere mortals who had to go to a comic shop to get their sequential art fix today because people didn't feel obligated to celebrate that they had lived through a whole year again.***

*** Crap, that was a long sentence.****

**** I wonder how much longer I can keep this foot note gag up before it gets old and Cronin cuts it off in edits or something. Since he's a censor who stifles debate about how Chris Claremont isn't Grant Morrison and stuff.*****

***** Yeah, I think that'll do it. And, as annoying as these foot notes may be, you have to admit that at least they aren't like something you'd find in a Chris Claremont comic!******

****** Wait; long winded, self important, and filled with lesbian subtext; they are like something in a Chris Claremont comic!*******

******* Okay, I'll stop with the footnotes now. I've met the quota of non Cronin or Gregs related content for the month anyway, and can now go back in to blog hybernation. With Absolute New Frontier to keep me company. Which I have to emphasize, makes me better than people that don't have it.**************** At this point, I'm just running up the score, like a college football powerhouse against the Citadel, or trying to set the record despite my disgrace, like Barry Bonds. Whichever sports simile works for you. Although I bet someone like Jog could out footnote me in like 5 minutes if they put their mind to it.


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