An early glimpse at Aquavember, a month for watercolors

This week I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Inktober is followed by Aquavember, a month for artists to hone their skills through daily exercises using watercolors.

While still early in the month, ROBOT 6 decided to spotlight a handful of Aquavember pieces, including some by comics industry veteran (and faculty member at Ringling College of Art and Design) George Pratt and award-winning colorist Laura Martin.

11/8/14 Update: Since the initial post, I learned about Aquavember's origin. Inspired by Inktober, artist Ken Meyer Jr. organized the inaugural Aquavember this year.As Meyer explained at this Aquavember page: "I created this page as a gathering place for #AquaVember, a place where you can show DAILY WATERCOLORS. ... Do something, anything, in watercolor daily."

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