An Australian Man Cave to be proud of

James Bond dolls. Another favourite franchise. When are they going to bring out a Daniel Craig one? There are some other movie-related dolls behind them as well. Underneath is the start of my Marvel Legends series.

More Marvel Legends figures. I try to group them together in themes. While it was a pretty average film, I really like the Fantastic Four Movie figures. Underneath are a number of Famous Covers dolls I acquired before getting hooked on Legends. Not sure what the appeal, but I prefer figures that have cloth costumes. It probably stems from all the Mego figures I had as a child. I love that Hawkeye figure.

My other Captain America shrine. Some of the toys are a little battle-damaged because they used to belong to my son. I stopped collecting Marvel Legends when Hasbro took over and they became too expensive. However, I was able to get the Hulk series really cheap so I could get Fin Fang Foom.

A lot of DC characters that also have personal appeal. Fans today have no idea how lucky they are. When I was a kid there was no way you’d get a Guardian, Blue Devil, or Commander Steel action Figure!! I love the DC 13 inch figures. Eventually I’d like to get enough to make it look like a Superfriends display. The Bronze Age Batman is a highlight. See the 1990 Captain America video on the shelf? That’s how crazy I am about Captain America.

Above the display cabinets are about 200 Star Trek novels. I’m a big Star Trek fan, but I would never refer to myself as a Trekkie. As you can see there are a few toy odds and ends that I should probably put in storage but I can’t help myself.

I got the Thing Hands for Secret Santa. I also used to have a Mr Fantastic Stretch Armstrong but he was eaten by ants : ( They did what Dr Doom’s been trying to do for years!!! After seeing how cool Spinner-racks look in bedrooms I decided to make my own version. My room’s too small for a real one, and they’re too hard to find so this is a good compromise. All the comics in the rack are signed by the likes of George Perez, Chris Claremont, Todd McFarlane, Howard Chaykin, Stuart Immonen, and Geoff Johns. Getting comics signed and sketches at Cons are my new hobby.

Fin Fang Foom – every Man Cave must have one. If they make Devil Dinosaur I’ll have a seizure. I had the Pitt figure disassembled for years until I was able to acquire a reasonably priced head from Ebay. The only reason the wrestling figure is there is because of how politically-incorrect he looks.

The Thing guards my Captain America Comics Corner. Apart from two or three issues I have a complete run of volume one. There are also a lot of limited series and miscellaneous titles featuring Cap. In the 80’s I would buy any comic that featured Captain America as a guest star. I’m not as fanatical about the character now, but it remains the only Marvel book I collect (apart from Waid’s Daredevil.) I dropped Marvel just after the Avengers Disassembled era began. Behind the Thing are Air-Wave and the Human Fly custom Megos. Air-Wave rocks!!

What do you do with your 2011 Superfriends Calendar when it looks too nice to throw out? Cut it up and use it as a desk protector. I have a few tradepaperbacks, but I prefer original comics. Over the years I’ve acquired a few comic art books, and encyclopaedias. My mother bought me Crawford’s Encyclopaedia of Comic Books when I was a child hence its dog-eared appearance. It was an invaluable resource in learning about the Golden Age of comics. A personal favourite was the original Hydroman. Then Alex Ross brought him back in Superpowers! I love you Alex Ross!

I was lucky to get a couple of Howard Chaykin sketches at a Con last year. Stuart Immonen was kind enough to give me the Thor sketch back in 2006.

I’ve only recently started acquiring Marvel Busts. The Batman Matchbox collection was acquired a while ago. My eight year old has been begging me to open the Killer Moth car for about two years!!

I’m living proof that Star Trek and Star Wars fans can co-exist harmoniously. All the original Star Wars figures were purchased really cheap because they were practically throwing them out to make way for Phantom Menace stock! The modern figures were purchased in sales. R2 D2 is actually a shampoo bottle. Next to the cabinet is another favourite character of mine, Union Jack figure signed by Roger Stern.

I have about 13,000 comics, split between Marvel and DC Comics, with a few independent titles like Charlton, Frew, and a few Image comics. Most of my Marvel and DC comics are from the 70s to 2000. The Bronze Age is my all-time favourite era, and I’ll spend hours re-reading Marvel-Two-In-One, Super-Villain Team Up, and Batman Brave and Bold comics. I like to store my comics in magazine holders as it’s really easy to pull out a section for reading, without disrupting the shelf too much. They’re really affordable as well.

Thanks for checking out my Man Cave. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers.

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