An Australian Man Cave to be proud of

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn, where fans invite us into their homes to take a look at their collections. Today Jamie from Australia shares his "man cave," which features action figures, comics, DVDs, more action figures and much more.

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My name is Jamie and this is my Australian Man Cave. No beer, cricket or footy memorabilia, or thongs, but lot of comics (13,000 and counting) and toys. My three main hobbies would be reading comics (and crime/ mystery/ science fiction novels,) watching movies, and hunting down toys at reasonable prices. I’ve been reading and collecting comics for at least 38 years (I’m 41.) I only started collecting toys about twelve years ago. Most of the toys, statues on display I’ve gotten for pretty low prices. My best find was a 12 inch Grand Moff Tarkin doll that I got from K-Mart for a measly $2!!

My Man Cave is a single-car carport that my wife kindly allowed me to convert into a fourth bedroom. It’s a nice snug size, a little bigger than a bedroom, and the perfect shape for watching movies in surround sound. I used to have a projector screen hanging above the windows, but when I recently upgraded to bluray, I took it down as the large screen TV is much better. This is the view from the couch.

View of the left-side of the room. I started off with the brown china cabinet, purchased at Lifeline, but that became full after about a year. Then I discovered IKEA, and cheap shops like Sam’s Warehouse for all my storage needs. Hard to believe that when I started collecting comics I could fit them all into one blanket box.

View of the right-side of the room. The desk is a great solid piece about 40 years old that I acquired from a mental institution. Sometimes I can feel my inner Nurse Ratched coming out. I would like to tell you I do a lot of work at this desk (I’m a teacher,) but to tell the truth it’s mainly used for reading, and bagging comics.

The couch. It’s old and well sat in. Eventually I want to get one of those movie couches with built-in cup-holders. Every Man Cave should have a couch with cup-holders. As you can see, I like watching DVDs.

I’ve been a HUGE Captain America fan for 38 years. One of the things I always dreamed of owning was a life-size shield. I knew a collectable model would be way out of my price range. Then I saw this baby, a tin shield, costume accessory. I mounted it on the backboard and ta-da, instant collectible! Surrounding the shield are a number of comics that have personal appeal. I’m a bronze-age boy at heart. The Human Fly, Steel, Machine Man, and Omega the Unknown are those D-list characters that I loved, and still do, as a kid. The teddy bear is my oldest possession – 41 years old!

There’s no logic to my collection, just things that personally appeal. Topps cards, Batman PEZ dispensers and toy cars, even a Nic Cage Ghost Rider. The Captain America Walkie Talkies may have been a little too much.

Some of my favourite movie characters. I used to have a Michael Myers and Ash figure as well, but they freaked my wife and kids out too much and were put into storage. I can’t afford a Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman, so the plastic one from Batman Returns has to do.

I don’t usually spend a lot of money on individual toys, but when I saw the Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman I was determined to get one. Superman: The Movie is my favourite movie of all-time. Highlander comes second, then the Star Trek series (particularly Wrath of Khan.) Funny story – I bought the Karl Urban Star Trek doll the same day I sat in on a seminar he was presenting at. It was all I could do to not stand up and yell, “Look Karl Urban, I own you, your soul is mine!!” while waving it in front of him.

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