An 'Attack on Titan' coloring book? Break out the red crayons!

Kodansha Comics announced a handful of new licenses Saturday at Anime Central in Chicago, including The Attack on Titan Anime Guidebook and The Attack on Titan Coloring Book. You'll want to start stocking up on red Crayolas now.

Maroon, Scarlet, Brick Red, English Vermilion, Madder Lake -- you'll likely need them all.

Released just last month in Japan, The Attack on Titan Coloring Book is, of course, intended for adults, with 60 pages featuring favorite characters and scenes from Hajime Isayama's bestselling -- and incredibly violent -- manga.

It will be joined this fall by The Attack on Titan Anime Guidebook, a companion to the blockbuster series that contains more than 170 pages of concept designs and actor interviews. The book debuted in 2014 in Japan, but this will be the first time it's been released in English.

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