An All Star Tribute to a Fallen Artist

Today is the fifteen anniversary of the passing of Edvin Biukovic, the amazing comic book artist who left us way too soon.

His friend Goran Sudzuka has put together a great Facebook page honoring Edvin here. Goran also let me share the tribute pieces he collected on the blog, as well.

Read on a brief sampling of one of my favorite Biukovic works, some short words from Goran about Edvin and then the tribute pieces.

Edvin Biukovic was an amazing artist who did a lot of great work. He is perhaps best known for his work on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for Dark Horse (with his fellow Croatian comic book creator, Darko Macan, on the writing side of things). However, whenever I think of him, I think of this absolutely stunning piece of comic book work from the first issue of the great Human Target mini-series he did with Peter Milligan in 1999, shortly before his passing. The concept is that Christopher Chance has taken the place of a black preacher who is being targeted by gangs. Here is what follows:


Am I right?

That's just stunning work there.

Now here's Goran:

15 years ago today, Eddy left us. To commemorate this day, we asked Eddy's friends and fellow artists to draw a tribute to the man who was and remains an inspiration to every comic artist who came across his work. We ask you to share this post via Facebook, Twitter and similar media and help keep Eddy's memory alive, as well as bring his work to the attention of those still unfamiliar with it. Eddy earned it.

Here is the tribute page again for you all to share.

Now here are the tribute pieces...

Dalibor Talajic

Darko Macan

Duncan Fegredo

Fran Strukan

Goran Sudzuka

Ive Svorcina

Kresimir Biuk

Leandro Fernandez

Mijat Mijatovic

Milorad Vicanovic Maza

Sabahudin Muranovic Muran

Stipe Kalajzic

Sebastijan Camagajevac

Dinko Kumanovi?

Josip Sršen

Mirko Colak

Tihomir Tikulin - Tico

What a moving tribute.

Again, be sure to head to the Facebook tribute page to share your appreciation there.

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