An advance look at <i>The Advance Team</i>

Finals and Catwoman writer Will Pfeifer announced on his blog that he has a new graphic novel called The Advance Team coming out from publisher Tor/Forge. Although the book isn't due until March of 2012, he's already started a series of posts called Advance Team Tuesdays where he plans to offer "a taste of the comic each week," in the form of artwork by German Torres and hints about the story.

As for the character appearing on the cover, Pfeifer said, "That determined-looking young man is Zack McKinley. Most of the time, he delivers pizzas. But on this very special occasion, he's delivering Earth from destruction at the hand of alien invaders. Or maybe he's delivering Earth into the hands of the alien invaders. It's hard to tell -- especially for poor Zack."

In the second post, he adds, "As the story starts, Zack is coping with a terrible job, another winter in Cleveland and a bit of a crush on his co-worker. But, this being a science fiction graphic novel, he's about to start coping with a heck of a lot more very soon."

Keep an eye on his blog to find out more.

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