An 11/11/11 Comic Book Celebration!

In honor of this unique date, 11/11/11 (and specifically 11:11 PM here on the East Coast), I will be posting the eleventh story page of the eleven most notable eleventh issues in comic book history!


Honorable Mentions: Nextwave #11 (the classic sequence of double-page spreads), X-Men #11 (first appearance of the Stranger), Jon Sable, Freelance #11 (first appearance of Maggie the Cat), Marvel Premiere #11 (a great Thing/Hulk team-up that eventually led to Marvel Two-in-One), Marvel Preview #11 (beginning of Chris Claremont's Star-Lord cover feature).

Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 - a classic issue by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis.

Amazing Spider-Man #11 - a great Lee/Ditko issue where Doctor Octopus defeats Spider-Man.

Warlock #11 - A Jim Starlin classic - this introduces the concept of Warlock's future death.

Hellblazer #11 - The revelation of the infamous Newcastle incident, where Constantine and his friends raised a demon when they were way too young to do it properly.

All-Star Comics #11 - Wonder Woman is asked to join the Justice Society of America.

Green Lantern #11 - First appearance of the Green Lantern Corps.

Amazing Adventures #11 - Beast becomes a real beast.

Fantastic Four #11 - Stan and Jack have the Fantastic Four answer reader questions. The classic "Lincoln's mother" defense.

Deadpool #11 - Deadpool goes back in time to a 1960's issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

Superman Annual #11 - Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' classic "For the Man Who Has Everything"

Watchmen #11 - "I did it 35 minutes ago."

Happy 11/11/11 day, everyone!

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