Amy Gumenick Twists Love into Deadly Obsession as "Arrow's" Cupid

While Starling City's Arrow has his fair share of admirers, he'll face his biggest -- and craziest -- fan to date in tonight's episode of "Arrow," "Draw Back Your Bow." Introduced in the final scenes of last week's installment, Cupid (played by "Supernatural" alum Amy Gumenick) will take center stage as she attempts to grab the Emerald Archer's attention by killing people.

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Introduced in 2009's "Green Arrow/Black Canary" #15, Carrie Cutter (AKA Cupid) was a special ops soldier who volunteered for an experimental program that ultimately heightened her emotions to a psychotic degree. Consequently, she's developed an unhealthy obsession with Arrow and will stop at nothing to make him her man, including murder.

In order to get a better read on how Cupid will affect Oliver Queen's world, CBR News spoke with Gumenick about her character's fixation on the Arrow, the joy of taking on physically demanding roles, her experience on "Supernatural" and getting a little crazy.

CBR News: Amy, what's unique about Cupid compared to the Arrow's other adversaries?

Amy Gumenick: Well, she's in love with him and will stop at nothing to have their happy ending together.

"Arrow" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg originally created Cupid for the Green Arrow comic books. Did you get to pick his brain about the character?

I did a bit. Andrew was definitely involved with the whole casting process and was on set for a part of filming the episode. It was such an incredible opportunity and gift to get to work with him hands-on, and, yes, to pick his brain and learn where Cupid came from and the various people he based her on from his life. The research is endless for this character.

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I will say Andrew really encouraged me to find the fun and enjoy her and the journey she goes on and the crimes she commits and remember it's all in the name of love. Together, we brought that to life. He was also very generous in allowing me to create my own version of Cupid and run with it.

In the teaser trailer, Cupid comes off as flirty and slightly insane. What was your take on her?

She's not the most emotionally or mentally stable person. Her idea of fun is perhaps a bit twisted. She reads Arrow's response and actions as, "Oh, this is a game." In her mind, it's like a cat and mouse game. He's playing hard to get. She takes that signal and goes to extreme measures. Where the danger comes in is she's incredibly strong, both physically and emotionally, and is an exceptional martial artist and has taken up archery to become closer to Arrow and prove herself. It is fun for her, but it's dangerous and at any moment, it could be taken too far.

Do you feel this episode is "Arrow's" version of "Fatal Attraction" times one hundred?

Absolutely, and yet there's a bit of a Romeo and Juliet thing going on. It's this long-lost love that cannot be, and yet she's determined to break that spell. But, yeah, "Fatal Attraction" is a perfect way to look at it.

What draws her to Arrow?

She sees Arrow as a hero. She sees his passion for what he does and his extreme strengths. I think she wants to be the one who takes care of him. Even in the trailer, there's the line, "I see the way you take care of your city. Who takes care of you?" Cupid wants to be that for him. She's never really taken care of anyone. She sees him in a lot of ways as a savior and respects that about him. She also sees a capacity to love and be loved, and she's determined to show him that.

Obviously, Arrow isn't moved by her "tokens of affection." How does Cupid handle rejection?

Not very well. She literally says, "I don't handle rejection very well," so she's aware of her flaws. The more rejection she feels, and the harder she feels Arrow is being, the bigger and more extreme her reactions become. As we see very early on, just in the last minute of the episode "Guilty," she'll kill for him if that's what it takes to prove her love.

Is she the jealous type? Should viewers be concerned for Laurel and Felicity's safety?

There is definitely potential for danger. She's made up her mind that if he can't be hers, than he's not going to be with anyone else. She will make sure they live happily ever after, whether it's alive or dead. I would be slightly afraid if I were one of them.

As Mary Winchester on "Supernatural," you came to blows with the angel Anna and got your butt whooped a bit. Did that choreography help prepare you for the level of action in "Arrow"?

It did. One of the things the CW does so well is raise these strong, powerful, physically active women. It's been such an honor as an actress to get to play two incredibly strong, yet very different roles. On both shows, I was allowed to personally explore that. On "Supernatural," I did my own fighting, which was a fun surprise. It's so rare that they allow actors to do that. On "Arrow," I got to start studying the art of archery. It's an added perk, particularly on shows likes this, to learn these new skills. On a lot of levels, working on "Supernatural" and playing Mary prepared me for this role.

Cupid becomes a recurring threat in the comics. How worse would she be around Valentine's Day?

A lot. It was funny. While we were filming, we kept talking about how this would be a perfect Valentine's Day episode. She awakens something in Arrow. In a way, she serves as a mirror to him of, "You can love, and you can be loved, despite the obstacles you seem to see before you." Valentine's Day is a perfect day for her to jump back in and cause more trouble.

What's been enjoyable about playing someone a little off their rocker?

Oh, everything. The nature of her character is she's so unpredictable and drastic and irrational. There really is not much logic. She's very impulsive. For me, to get to play a character that in one episode rides the entire emotional spectrum has been so much fun and challenging. It was an incredible opportunity for me that I hope I get to continue to explore, because I think the possibilities with this character are endless. I'm excited to see where they take her.

Gumenick appears as Cupid in the Nov. 19 episode of "Arrow" on The CW.

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