Amusing Bit About Uncanny X-Men #1...

A friend of mine, Darren, pointed this out to me and I hadn't noticed it and it IS pretty amusing.


Okay, so the big last page twist in Uncanny X-Men #1 is that the mysterious person who is spilling the beans about Cyclops's X-Men to Maria Hill and SHIELD is Magneto, who is seemingly secretly plotting against Cyclops.

However, here's a curious little thing writer Brian Michael Bendis ran up against in his efforts to keep Magneto's identity a secret during the issue.

First off, Maria Hill knows that this is Magneto she is talking to. This is established in an early scene in the issue...

Obviously, though, Bendis doesn't want the READER to know it is Magneto until the end of the issue

So even though Magneto, is telling a story about events that happened to him and his team of X-Men, he narrates the story a bit oddly...

In effect, it's like me talking to you and telling you about me going over to a friend's apartment to watch a movie. "The people watching the film were Person A, Person B, Person C and Brian Cronin."

Not a big deal, of course, but it's just funny that Bendis got sort of backed into a corner = he wanted to make sure everyone was properly introduced for the first issue, but he didn't have any other way of introducing them all in the flow of the story, so Magneto had to be secretive for no in-story reason (unless you would prefer to believe that Magneto just likes to casually refer to himself in the third person. Either way amuses me).

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