Amigo Comics introduces head-turning adult fantasy 'Lunita'

Since El Torres launched Amigo Comics earlier this year, he's been bringing in a host of fellow European talents previously unseen by American audiences. And in the recently released November solicitations, he has a four-issue miniseries that looks primed to be a head turner.

Lunita, by writer Xavier Morell and artist Sergi San Julian, is described by the publisher as a "modern adult fantasy book," mixing supernatural, action and a bit of noir. The book follows a modern-day witch named Lunita, who gets embroiled in a dangerous adventure when she discovers a new street drug that drags you, whether you like it or not, into the supernatural world. Lunita also promises to include government agents, sirens and even a creature from ancient Basque mythology called the Basajaun.

What first caught my eye is the stunning cover by San Julian, as previewed above. Lunita will mark the Spanish artist's U.S. debut, but he's worked on a series of books in Europe, including Gorka, which was inspired by Dave Sim's Cerebus.

The first issue is set for release in November, and Amigo Comics has provided us with a look inside, as well as sketches by San Julian.

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