Amid comics' current wrestling mania, Archie taps in

The tagline for one1990s wrestling promotion was "Where the Big Boys Play!" Wonder what they'd think of Archie Andrews?

Following a recent uptick in pro-wrestling appreciation by the comics industry, Archie Comics has released a digital collection of its wrestling-themed stories. Given the cover image and title, Archie & Friends Wrestle Maniacs, Archie gives a bit of a nod to WWE's Wrestlemania and Hulk Hogan (whose fans are "Hulkamaniacs").

Archie & Friends Wrestle Maniacs is the latest in a line of comics and wrestling connections that have sprung up recently. Both DC and Marvel have enlisted retired pro wrestler CM Punk to write comics, and Papercutz has had fellow wrestling star Mick Foley pen the licensed WWE Superstars. Wrestling was even featured in the debut issue of Marvel's Rocket Raccoon.

Here are preview pages from Archie & Friends Wrestle Maniacs, available as digital exclusive for $3.99. Who knows, if successful, Archie might consider doing a wrestling-themed series along the lines of the horror-tinged Afterlife With Archie.

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