Ami-Comi: Wonder Woman #1

Story by
Art by
Amanda Conner
Colors by
Paul Mounts
Letters by
Wes Abbott
Cover by
DC Comics

If you're looking for an explanation on what the heck "Ame-Comi" means, this review might disappoint you. It's the name of a line of manga-influenced figurines of female heroes from DC Comics, but beyond that it's little more than a tongue twister. More importantly, though, "Ame-Comi: Wonder Woman" is a three-issue digital mini-series by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner about Wonder Woman, and that's all you really need to know in order to buy it.

Not bound into the regular continuity of the DC Universe, "Ame-Comi: Wonder Woman" re-introduces the character with the traditional trappings that the public knows; an island of amazons untouched by men, a young princess who's not allowed to be a warrior by her mother the queen, and Colonel Steve Trevor currently lurking in the background. It's a classic story, but at the same time set in modern times with current technology held by both the United States and the invading nation of Kasnia.

In many ways -- and I am saying this as a compliment -- "Ame-Comi: Wonder Woman" makes me think that this is what a Disney animated adaptation would be like. The entire opening sequence of Wonder Woman fighting the minotaurs, only to be interrupted by her mother, is classic all-ages material. I love the sheepish, "Yes, Queen Hippolyta," complete with Conner drawing the most sheepish looking minotaur faces you've ever seen. But then again, the entire thing looks great thanks to Conner; I love the thick locks of hair that Wonder Woman sports, the similarity between her and her mother, even the way that the classic Wonder Woman outfit is a mixture of Diana's every day clothing and her guard's armor. And when the Kasnia troops invade, well, that scene of all the parachuting warriors? It's fantastic.

Palmiotti and Gray do a nice job of bringing the story of "Ame-Comi: Wonder Woman" to life as well; it's easy to follow, it's suitable for just about everyone and most importantly it's a lot of fun. My only big complaint so far is that it's just a three-issue mini-series, because Palmiotti and Gray clearly have a strong handle on the character. (Presumably she'll be showing up in the upcoming "Ame-Comi" ongoing series too.) It's a shame that "Ame-Comi: Wonder Woman" is saddled with such an ungainly name (and not one that I think has any real name recognition to at least offset it), because this deserves more attention than I think it will get. It's fun, it's well-crafted, and at just a dollar it's cheap to boot. Definitely check it out.

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