American Splendor, Spidey Animated, Hellboy, Punisher and X2: Comics2Film wrap for June 9, 2003


Harvey Pekar as Harvey Pekar

Paul Giamatti as Harvey Pekar

Whileit has been quietly flying under fandom's radar, the sixth comic based movie duein theaters this year may turn out to be the best of the crop. Now HBO Films andFine Line Features has unveiled the official website for the movie version of"AmericanSplendor!"

Already the recipient of awards at Sundance and Cannes,"American Splendor" is a blend of biographical drama and documentarythat brings the comics to life (although the comics were already brought to lifeby put-upon author Harvey Pekar, who largely used the book to recount the eventsof his ordinary existence in Cleveland, Ohio).

On the new site fans will findthe first trailers from the movie. Check out the QuickTime videos of actor PaulGiamatti, grousing and complaining his way through his role as the perpetuallygrumpy Pekar ("What? Do I seem depressed?"). If the movieis as funny as the clips shown here, it should be a hilarious gem.

The site is lovingly rendered as an independent comic book. In addition tothe trailer it features the usual fare such as a statement from the film'sdirectors, photos from the movie, a biography of Pekar as well as the cast andcrew, and so on.

Visit AmericanSplendorMovie.com today and then look for the movie in limited release startingAugust 15th.




Look for the MTVanimated show "Spider-Man" to debut July 11th at 10:00 pm according toAnimationInsider.net.

The Insider was also able to uncover the titles of the first eleven episodesof the show:

#101 - The Party

#102 - Keeping Secrets

#103 - Shutterbuggery

#104 - Tight Squeeze

#105 - Royal Scam

#106 - Heroes and Villains

#107 - Head Over Heels

#108 - Law of the Jungle

#109 - When Sparks Fly

#110 - Flash Memory

#111 - Preying Mantis




"Hellboy" fans can mark their calendars. On Friday, RevolutionStudios and Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that the movie is slated forrelease on Memorial Day weekend, 2004.

"We are confident that with Guillermo Del Toro at the helm, 'Hellboy'will deliver the fantastic action, special effects and excitement that summermoviegoers have come to expect," said Revolution Studios Partner TomSherak.

"The swell in business over Memorial Day weekend is an excellent spot toplace an event-style project like 'Hellboy,'" said Jeff Blake, ViceChairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, "especially given the currentplayability of comic book-based films. 'Hellboy' not only has a loyal corefollowing but is joined by a growing general audience making this date theperfect choice."


A USAToday article detailing the perils of stunt work in Hollywood reveals thatThomas Jane is gearing up for action in "The Punisher" by trainingwith four Navy SEALs. The actor is receiving daily, basic weapons training fromthe military men in Huntington Beach.

"The stuff on the wires and all that crazy dancing that was done so wellin 'Crouching Tiger' is beautiful, but it's not very real world. We're kind ofgoing back to old-fashioned days - serious hand-to-hand combat without all thetrickery and dancing," Jane told USA Today.

Jane says the comic book movie won't try to glamorize the action, but ratherdepict the painful consequences of violence. "Stylized violence is a way of stepping away fromviolence and making it palatable. With our movie, we inject a sense of here'swhat happens when it really goes down."

While he may end up doing some stunts for "The Punisher," Jane saidthere is only so much an actor can do. He spent most of his time on the set of"Deep Blue Sea" disguising the fact that he had developed a doublehernia for fear of losing the part in that movie.

"I've done a few action films now, and it's very popular to try to doall the stunts yourself - until the insurance company steps in and says no. Nofilm is going to ever go beyond that."

For more about "The Punisher" and numerous other action movies,check out thecomplete article.

Thanks to Lauren D. for the lead!



"X2: X-Men United" remains a top ten film in its sixth week ofrelease, according to weekend estimates published by BoxOffice Mojo

The marvel mutant movie came in at #7 this week, ringing up its totalcumulative gross to $204.3 million. "X2" is outperforming newer movieslike "Wrong Turn," "The In-Laws" and "Down WithLove."



ArtisanEntertainment loves dishing out the punishment. 

The publicity folks there told Comics2Film this week that we can now pass ona total of ten copies of the super-cool teaser poster for "ThePunisher" to you, the readers.

We'll be taking names from now until June 22 (right around the time that theofficial website officialwebsite launches). Just fill out the simple entry form on Comics2Film.comfor your chance to win!

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