'American Splendor' by Harvey Pekar comes to the web

Official Press Release

Modern Tales announced today that the fifth installment of its "longform comics anthology" Modern Tales Longplay is now available, with numerous features, including several brand-new "American Splendor" stories by Harvey Pekar and longtime collaborator Gary Dumm.

It's a dream come true for editor Joe Zabel-- to import the work of his former collaborators Harvey Pekar and Gary Dumm to the exciting frontiers of the webcomic.

For a span of ten years and as many issues, Zabel worked with Pekar and Dumm on Pekar's landmark alternative comix series 'American Splendor.' Now, on the heels of Pekar's success with the Sundance-award-winning film version of 'American Splendor,' Pekar, Dumm, and Zabel have teamed up again to present 'Eyewitness Comics,' a special all-autobiographical issue of the webcomics anthology Modern Tales Longplay.

Modern Tales is the leading commercial webcomics publisher, and Longplay is a monthly feature on the site devoted to stand-alone, 'long form' webcomics. Modern Tales subscribers have access to more than 30 constantly-updating webcomics serials, as well as every "issue" of Longplay.

What will be new to Pekar fans in this momentous web-based event? 'In a word, COLOR,' says Zabel. 'Or make that SIZE and COLOR. For the first time, we'll get to see page after page of Harvey's great comics stories presented in a wide variety of color stylings-- 15 full-color pages, many of them double-page spreads which, for web presentation, don't need to be sliced up the way they are in print.'

'This is also the first time,' says Zabel, 'that Harvey's work will be presented in the context of a new generation of cartoonists, for whom autobiography is a matured, classical mode of comics writing. We've collected a body of work that is not only the best autobiographical comics, but the best comics, period.'

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