'American Horror Story' Season 6 May Focus on Slender Man

After focusing on a haunted house, an insane asylum, a witches' coven, a freak show and a supernatural hotel, FX's hit "American Horror Story" will reportedly turn its attention to an Internet meme.

According to Us Weekly, the sixth season of the acclaimed anthology series will center on the Slender Man, the fictional supernatural figure that originated in 2009 on the Something Awful forum before taking on a life of its own.

The black-suited character has since achieved a folkloric status, appearing in stories, television series and video games. However, Slender Man has also spilled over into real life, allegedly inspiring two 12-year-old girls in 2014 to repeatedly stab their friend.

An "insider" tells Us Weekly that "AHS" co-creator Ryan Murphy didn't write the Slender Man-focused script he wants to adapt, which means the show's producers will have to buy the rights. Murphy also doesn't own the character (Eric Knudsen does), so that would have to be squared away as well.

After that, the magazine's source contends, Murphy's attention will turn to casting. Over the past five seasons, he's developed a formidable stable of characters, including Lady Gaga, who won a Golden Globe for her performance in "Hotel." Producers would apparently love to have her back for a second season.

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