American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy's Favorite Season Is a Divisive One

Ryan Murphy's favorite season of American Horror Story is definitely a divisive one.

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy was asked to list his favorite episodes as the series celebrates its 100th episode. Speaking about American Horror Story: Asylum and the standout "Name Game," Murphy said: "This is the fandom’s favorite for sure I think, and I know it is Sarah Paulson and Lady Lange’s favorite season. But not mine (today as I think about, it’s Cult, but my favorite changes every year.)."

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Highlighting Cult's finale, "Great Again," Murphy revealed, "This was my favorite season. I think [co-creator Brad] Falchuk agrees." Explaining why the meta Cult stood out from the pack, Murphy added, "We both felt so passionately about the story, about the terrifying rise of Trump, of people falling under the spell of the cult of personality. I will never forget the filming on the day where Paulson (as Ally) is watching the returns and Trump wins and she falls to the floor in horror while drinking rosé. That happened to me, so we put it into the show."

Cult was famously divisive among viewers thanks to its controversial subject matter. Murphy thinks this controversy is also what helped Season 7 in so many ways. He told the site, "Many crew members were openly sobbing the day we shot that, months after the election. So many people still had PTSD. Other members of the crew, Trump voters for sure, were simply silent. I thought, 'Well, this is the world now…..polarized.'"

Airing on FX, American Horror Story: 1984 stars Emma Roberts, Angelica Ross, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman, John Carroll Lynch, Matthew Morrison, DeRon Horton and Zach Villa.

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