'American Horror Story: Hotel' Reveals New Cast Photos, Season 1 Connection

Fans of FX's "American Horror Story" who are clamoring for more details about the new season will find them in an interview with co-creator Ryan Murphy, and a series of cast photos, in Entertainment Weekly.

He reveals that the Los Angeles-set "Hotel" will have a connection to the first season: “We do go to the Murder House for one episode." Actress Christine Estabrook will reprise her Season 1 role as realtor Marcy, who'll show the hellish house to fashion designer Will Drake (played by Cheyenne Jackson) and his son.

The photos also provide a little more character insight, featuring Lady Gaga as hotel owner The Countess, who lives on "a healthy diet of sex and blood"; Matt Bomer as her longtime lover Donovan; Wes Bentley as LAPD Detective John Lowe, who moves into the hotel to investigate murders committed by the Ten Commandments Killer; Angela Bassett as the Countess' ex-lover Ramona Royale, who's out for revenge; Naomi Campbell as Claudia, a "Vogue" editor who regrets her stay at the Cortez; Kathy Bate's as Donovan's over-protective mother Iris, who works at the hotel so she can see him daily; Finn Wittrock as Tristan, a model who catches the Countess' eye; Evan Peters as James March, who's seen in flashbacks to the 1930s as the builder and original owner of the hotel; Max Greenfield as Gabriel, an addict who checks into the Cortez; and Sarah Paulson as Hypodermic Sally, another junkie who lives at the hotel.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" premieres Oct. 7 on FX.

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