'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Steps Right Up With Trailer, Credits

It's time to pull back the curtain, buy your ticket and take in the horrors of the Freak Show.

FX has unveiled a pair of videos in celebration of American Horror Story: Freak Show, which debuts Oct. 8. First, here's the opening credits, which feature a lot of familiar names as well as a slew of unsettling toys writhing and gyrating.

Moving right along, the first episode, called "Monsters Among Us," scored its own trailer, which focuses primarily on Sarah Paulson in her dual roles as conjoined twins Dot and Bette.

The new season finds a 1950s side show run by Jessica Lange's Elsa Mars stopping in Jupiter, Florida, where newcomers Bette and Dot join the traveling group of oddities. Unknown to them, there's something dark and evil there as well, possibly that clown-thing at the end of the above spot.


The cast also includes Kathy Bates, Michael Chiklis, Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy and Gabourey Sidibe, among others.

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