American Flagg! Comic Series to be Adapted for Television

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Satire is hot right now, and EuropaCorp TV Studios is wise to the trend. The studio has acquired the rights to American Flagg!, the satirical comic book series from the '80s about a technology-obsessed America left to fend for itself after the country's government flees to Mars.

Written by Howard Chaykin, American Flagg ran from October of 1983 to March of 1988, totaling 50 issues. The series was published by First Comics, an alternative press based out of Evanston, Illinois. The company went against the trends of the time, as it was an early of example of presses allowing writers to retain their creator rights.

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Set in 2031, American Flagg! follows Reuben Flagg, a former TV star forced to become a deputy in the Plexus Rangers, a corporate police force. After the American government departed Earth for Mars, the country was left in the hands of a megacorporation called The Plex. The Plexus Rangers are the company's ground-based military arm. Having witnessed the corporate police force's corruption and ineptitude from the inside, Reuben is forced to contend with the state of America.

EuropaCorp TV Studios will shop the project around to hopeful writers and directors starting this year.

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