American cartoonists' untold European adventures

Although they may be at the top of the charts in American comics, some of the biggest artists today have some books out that most American have never seen. For years, artists working in the Anglophile comics market have moonlighted in European comics, probably most memorably with Travis Charest leaving for years to do a volume of Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Metabarons.

But Charest isn't the only one -- John Cassaday did the series I Am Legion for Humanoids while working on Planetary and Astonishing X-Men, Geoff Johns and Red Star artist Christian Gossett did a story in Metal Hurlant, Terry Dodson worked on a graphic novel called Songes: Coraline, Kurt Busiek wrote a book called Redhand, and Fear Itself artist Stuart Immonen did a little-known book called Sebastian X which follows a surfer turned freedom fighter in the near future.

Yeah, I'd buy that.

And this isn't past tense --- Criminal and Incognito artist Sean Phillips spoke last month about a graphic novel he's doing for France's Delcourt called Void 01, which he describes as "a cat and mouse sci-fi story set on a prison ship in the depths of space".

Yeah, I'd buy that too.

There's no word  yet on any English -- American or otherwise -- release of these stories.

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