Amendment to the 2004 Ignatz Awards Ballot

Official Press Release

Bethesda, MD; September 8, 2004: Due to an oversight during the verification process, we regret to announce that "My Uncle Jeff" by Damon Hurd and Pedro Camello and published by Alternative Comics has been ruled ineligible.

The book's creator, Damon Hurd, brought the oversight to the Ignatz Committee shortly after the nominations for the 2004 Ignatz Ballot were announced. Damon pointed out that "My Uncle Jeff" was originally self-published as a minicomic in 2002 prior to its release by Alternative Comics in 2003. After much deliberation, the Ignatz Committee decided that while there were some changes made between the minicomic and the current version published by Alternative Comics, the changes were not enough to claim the current version as a different book and ruled that it should be removed from the Ignatz Ballot.

The Ignatz Committee would like to thank Damon for informing us of the oversight. We would also like to apologize to Damon, Pedro and Alternative Comics for not catching this in the verification process.

Taking the vacant slot on the ballot will be "Black Hole #11" by Chalres Burns from Fantagraphics Books. "Black Hole #11" received the next highest number of points during the nomination process.

Jeff Alexander

Ignatz Awards Coordinator

SPX 2004


The recipients of the awards will be announced at the Ignatz Awards Ceremony held on Sunday, October 3rd, 2004.

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The official SPX Web site is: http://www.spxpo.com

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