Amell Talks "Arrow" Contract, Calls Marvel Casting Rumors "Preposterous"

Responding to rumors that he was considering leaving his CW series, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell took to Facebook to assure fans that nothing could be further from the truth.

"I keep reading that I'm leaving 'Arrow,'" Amell wrote. "I'm not. I have a contract that runs through 2019. At least. Now... That doesn't mean 'Arrow' will run that long, but if it does... I'll be here."

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At this point, the actor opened the floor to further questions from his Facebook followers. Along with offering wedding planning advice, confirming that he has yet to retrieve his WWE Slammy Award and revealing his favorite donut chain (Tim Horton's), he addressed another rumor that places him as a future denizen of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"That's another one of those absolutely preposterous rumors," Amell stated bluntly. "Here's the deal: I'm an actor. I like acting roles. Because an actor tends to be defined by not being unemployed. So if a role came up... I would always listen. Does that include Marvel characters? Of course it does. Have there been any offers, auditions, or even general meetings...? No."

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