Amell Says 'No Plans For Green Arrow' In DC Films Universe

Stephen Amell confirmed at Salt Lake Comic Con that "based on things that people had told [him]," there are no plans to make a Green Arrow movie, despite there being Flash and Justice League features in the DC Films pipeline.

The "Arrow" lead also looked back on his previous, not so favorable comments regarding the casting of Ezra Miller as the big screen version of Barry Allen rather than his CW counterpart Grant Gustin. Amell clarified that when Warner Bros. announced they wouldn’t be casting Gustin in the role of The Flash, his reaction had more to do with the "less than appropriate" timing of the announcement rather than the recasting, since the TV series had recently debuted to great reaction from fans.

Asked how he would feel if he didn't get the role of Oliver Queen in a possible Green Arrow movie, Amell said, "I do not have a right to Oliver Queen. Someone played it before me. Someone voiced it before me. Someone will play it after me."

He went on to say that, if things changed and a Green Arrow movie did become a reality, he "would not be upset at all" if someone else was cast in the role.

Of course, whether Amell makes the leap to movies as the hypothetical big screen version of Oliver Queen or not, there's no shortage of Green Arrow in his future. Amell announced earlier this year that he has a contract to play Oliver Queen on The CW until 2019 at least, which should bring "Arrow" to Season 7.

"Arrow" returns October 5 on The CW.

Via Comicbook.com.

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