Amell Hints at New, Green "Arrow" Costume Debut at SummerSlam

For the past several months, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell's life has seemingly revolved around two things: his steadily building feud with WWE wrestler Stardust, and hints that when his show returns this fall, his vigilante character will be adding "Green" to his moniker.

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Last night, Amell posted a video message on his Facebook page, sharing with fans what he's packing as he prepares to face Stardust at WWE's SummerSlam event this weekend. Along with the expected wrestling necessities -- socks, boots, etc. -- the actor revealed he's also bringing his new superhero suit.

"You didn't think I was comin' without it, did ya?" Amell said while patting his Arrow vest.

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Revealed at Comic-Con International, the new costume has previously only been shown in promotional photos. If Amell does appear in-ring in the costume, it will mark the first time fans will see him in action in the new suit, offering a glimpse of what to expect when Oliver Queen and company return to television October 7.

Posted by Stephen Amell on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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