Amell Denies "Arrow" Lazarus Pit Rumors

Though Stephen Amell himself teased the idea of a Lazarus Pit last month, in an interview with Collider the "Arrow" star denied the rampant speculation that Oliver Queen -- presumed dead since the show's midseason finale -- would return to life with the aid of a Lazarus Pit. While he did close that particular door, the actor also offered a few other hints about Oliver's fate.

"That's not something that's going to be used for Oliver," Amell said of the Lazarus Pit, a favorite of "Arrow" villain Ra's al Ghul, who delivered a possibly fatal blow to Oliver in the midseason finale. Amell also queued up another new mystery, adding, "We've seen a Lazarus Pit," which begs the question: Where have we seen the Lazarus Pit on "Arrow?" Perhaps when al Ghul was introduced in Season 3's fourth episode, "The Magician?"

Regarding the future of his character, Amell said, "I hope he survives. I like playing him." He also cited Queen's knack for surviving against the odds: "We just saw him fall. We've seen Oliver survive. So [we don't know] whether he went straight off the cliff, whether something broke his fall, whether he hit the ground."

"Arrow" returns to the CW this Wednesday, January 21st, at 8 PM EST.

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