The 'Ame-zing Spider-Man' Arrested by Tokyo Police

Police in Tokyo, Japan have reportedly apprehended a burglar whose modus operandi has earned him the nickname "the Ame-zing Spider-Man" -- in reference to the iconic Marvel Comics superhero.

According to FNN.jp, a man by the name of Hiroki Horiguchi was arrested on Nov. 1. Horiguchi is being brought up on charges of breaking into a rooftop office in Tokyo's Shinjuku neighborhood back in April. The 26-year-old allegedly broke a window in order to gain access to the building, before absconding with 66,000 yen (approximately $605 USD).

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Based on the methods used, Tokyo police believe Horiguchi is a serial burglar they have been pursuing for some time, whom investigators have dubbed "the Ame-zing Spider-Man" -- a that nickname actually twofold.

For starters, the burglar seems to have a penchant for scaling buildings, often targeting offices on rooftops or on the upper floors of skyscrapers. Hence, the comparison to Marvel's resident wall-crawler. Secondly, the Japanese word "ame" means "rain." The wordplay is in reference to the fact that all of the robberies took place on the night of either a rainstorm or a typhoon. "The Ame-zing Spider-Man" is suspected of perpetrating around a dozen burglaries.

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Horiguchi has yet to release an official statement following his arrest.

(via Sora News 24)

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