AMC's "Walking Dead" Finds First Cast Member

Fans won't get a look at AMC's "The Walking Dead" pilot as directed by Frank Darabont until next fall if at all, however with the series tryout episode rolling film in May, it looks as though now is the time for real life faces to start getting attached to the characters created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore for the Image Comics series.

The first casting word for the pilot came today courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter who revealed that actor Jon Bernthal will play police officer Shane in the zombie epic. As fans of the series know, Shane was lead character Rick Grimes partner before the undead outbreak overtook America, however saying much more about his role in the comic would probably constitute spoilers for any new fans, though the trade notes the "Ghost Writer" actor's character as "an outgoing bachelor."

The casting report also noted that "Superman Returns" and "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" star Brandon Routh has signed on for a new TBS pilot called "In Security" as well as a multitude of other casting news.

Check back to CBR in the weeks ahead for more "Walking Dead" news as it becomes available!

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