AMC's The Killing Will Solve Its Mystery in Season 3

Don't expect The Killing to make the same mistake two times in a row. After being revived by AMC in January, the drama's team is hard at work developing a third season. In Season 3, lead characters Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder will track a serial killer instead of just one murder, and the mystery will be solved by the finale.

“In Season 3, the story lends itself to one season,” showrunner Veena Sud told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re going to solve it at the end.”

This time, fans will find that Mireille Enos' character has quit Seattle homicide and has lost custody of her son. Meanwhile, Joel Kinnaman's Holder has a "new suit, new partner and an improved outlook on life." Season 3 picks up three months after Season 2 ended, with Linden now working on a ferry and hooking up with a 25-year-old.

This year The Killing will reportedly "delve into street-kid culture and the politics of death row." Peter Sarsgaard has been cast as an inmate with 30 days left before he's sentenced to die. His character is the one Linden put away who left her so messed up in Seasons 1 and 2. As for the killer this season, Sud said Washington state serial killer Gary Ridgway inspired her.

“What fascinated me was not the psychology of the guy -- that was uncomplicated and bland,” she told EW of his case case. “It was the fact that so many women could disappear and no one would notice. Stranger killings are very difficult to solve. And this took 20 years and 50-plus women killed. The police ‘murder board’ had all these pictures, most were mugshots … staring at you, not smiling. The more I looked at those photos I started to imagine the burden of responsibility those cops felt seeing those women look at them every day.”

The Killing returns June 2 on AMC.

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