AMC Strikes Back Against Darabont and CAA's "Walking Dead" Lawsuit

There's a new wrinkle in the "Walking Dead"-related legal dispute that sees former showrunner Frank Darabont and Creative Artists Agency on one side, and AMC on the other.

Deadline reports the cable network is seeking sanctions against the agency for alleged "false representations" -- namely, that CAA executive Jon Ringquist was positioned as in-house legal counsel, despite his comments in a deposition indicating that he's not an attorney.

"At best, these misrepresentations were reckless or grossly negligent as CAA and Kinsella only had to conduct the most basic due diligence, such as pose a simple question to Mr. Ringquist, to ascertain the truth," the memorandum states. "At worst, the misrepresentations were intentional and a fraud upon this Court and the Defendants."

AMC is seeking reimbursement for a portion of its legal fees, $10,000 "per occurrence of frivolous conduct" stemming from the situation and a list of "highly confidential" documents Ringquist had seen.

"This is a misunderstanding and the matter is completely taken out of context," Aaron Liskin at Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP, an attorney representing CAA, told Deadline today. "We were meeting on the issue and AMC cut off the good faith discussions and filed this motion."

The dispute dates back to December 2013, when Darabont and CAA first filed suit against AMC for wrongful termination and alleged profits owed to the writer/director/producer, who was fired from the massively successful show after its first season. Earlier this month, Darabont and CAA filed an amended complaint against the network.

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