AMC Acquires Sci-Fi Remake 'Humans' After Xbox Drops Out

A promising TV show getting the boot from traditional media only to find a second life online has become is a commonplace story these days. But that narrative was spun on its head this week.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that AMC has acquired the rights for Humans, a sci-fi drama co-produced with the U.K.'s Channel 4. The series was originally meant to be a partnership with the fledgling Xbox Entertainment Studios, but Microsoft then pulled the plug on the venture.

Set for an eight-episode run, Humans is an adaptation of the Swedish series Real Humans, which focuses on a family that purchases a robotic servant called a synth. Despite the ubiquity of the lifelike automatons in the alternate-present setting, the family's choice takes a dark turn.

Humans will be written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley of the U.K. drama Spooks, and produced in England before debuting on AMC, likely next year.

While this would make something of a happy ending for the small drama, the story does not say whether Xbox Entertainment Studios' other in development project -- the long-awaited Halo adaptation produced by Stephen Speilberg -- will go on elsewhere. Microsoft is apparently look to move its general studio assets to another home, possible Warner Bros. Television.

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