Amber Heard Slams Instagram Nudity Policies with Photo of Aquaman Costar

Amber Heard (and social media equality) fans probably know that the costar of Aquaman has long voiced her disappointment with Instagram's policies regarding female nudity. Now, she's continuing her battle with moderators by taking a somewhat unconventional approach to highlight the platform's contradictions.

Heard posted a Photoshopped image taken from one of her recent photoshoots that was previously flagged as inappropriate content by Instagram. However, instead of her face and partially exposed top, she pasted Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, over her face and body, thereby technically fulfilling the site's policy guidelines.

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"In honor of IG’s rigorous and equitable Community Guidelines against showing the Female nipple ..and since mine enjoyed the brief privilege that’s afforded to my male counterparts.. I decided to pay homage by replacing it with a picture that DID meet IG’s strict nudity guidelines and such careful gender policies," she wrote in her post. So far, it appears that Heard is correct that the doctored picture strangely lives up to Instagram's standards, as the image is still available.

Heard played Mera in the DC Extended Universe film Aquaman alongside Momoa, a role she will reprise in the sequel, set for 2022. She is currently filming The Stand, a television series based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

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