Amber Atoms #1

Story by
Art by
Kelly Yates
Colors by
Michael Wiggam
Cover by
Image Comics

I'm always game to try something new when it comes to the comics. Throw in some sci-fi, maybe add a little pulp, and more's the better. Naturally, when I first heard of "Amber Atoms," I thought this would be a great book. And it has potential to be. For now, however, this is a start that didn't make me dash to the internet to discover when issue #2 is due out.

Yates takes the concept of a conquering race being defeated and then checking in on the progress thereof years later. Unfortunately for Yates, he darn near loses me on the first page -- what is that scribbly blobby thing supposed to be anyhow?

The charm and allure of a new galaxy kept me hooked long enough to plow forward with this book. Amber is a headstrong young lady, sick and tired of being oppressed by her slave-driving parents. It may seem a little cliche at first, but wait until they all sit down for dinner. It doesn't just get cliche, but it downright seems like a scene from "Star Wars" was rewritten to change "uncle" to "father" and "Luke" to "Amber", only with significantly less whining about the Toshi station.

This isn't the world's most complex plot, but as I mentioned in the first paragraph, this book has potential. Yates has some ideas, he also has the chops to illustrate a decent book, although he may want to consider more panels with background as opposed to the solid color backgrounds. Those get really boring, really fast.

While the writing is already dry on the wall for some of the plotlines (seriously, does anyone NOT see King Yamoon trying to conquer unsuspecting worlds again?) I am interested to see how the story plays out and just who the people ransacking the Atoms' homestead turn out to be. Potential is here, now it is just a matter of acting on it.

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