Amazon’s The Tick Promotes Yara Martinez’s Ms. Lint to a Regular Character


"The Tick" actress Yara Martinez’s role on the superhero comedy series has been upgraded from recurring to series regular.

Ms. Lint appeared briefly in the Amazon series’ pilot as the head of a weapons smuggling ring. The character had a painful-looking scar across her eye and was dressed entirely in black, with unshaven, face-tattooed toughs always at her heel.

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Martinez is perhaps best known as Dr. Luisa Alver in the television series “Jane the Virigin.” In the series, Martinez plays the alcoholic sister of the show’s primary love interest, Rafael, and is the doctor that accidentally artificially inseminated the title character. With the announcement that Martinez has become a series regular on “The Tick,” there’s no word yet on if scheduling conflicts will impact her recurring role on “Jane the Virgin.”

Amazon’s “The Tick” is a television adaptation of the 1986 comic character by the same name created by Ben Edlund. The character was originally devised as a mascot for the New England Comics chain, but quickly took on a life of its own. A satire of comic book superheroes, the Tick, who possesses super strength and durability, starred in his own independent comic in 1988 before moving on to a short-lived animated television series on Fox in 1994. In 2001, the comic character was again adapted, this time into a live-action show starring Patrick Warburton.

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A full season run of Amazon’s “The Tick” was ordered back in September of 2016, along with additional episodes of the streaming service’s “I Love Dick” and “Jean-Claude Van Johnson.”

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