Amazon Suspends the Sale of WB Properties Including Arrowverse Shows

The sale and streaming of Warner Bros. Television has temporarily been suspending on Amazon, according to user experiences on the online distribution site.

While programming, such as The CW's Arrowverse, the classic sitcom Friends or The Big Bang Theory remain available on other platforms including Netflix and iTunes, users attempting to purchase or watch new content through existing season passes have found shows unavailable with the following message displayed by Amazon:

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"This title is currently unavailableOur agreements with the content provider don’t allow purchases of this at this time"

A thread on Reddit has users share and update their experiences with the sudden suspension of Warner Bros. content on Amazon as the dispute between the television studio and online service continues.

This marks the second major incident between the two companies, with Amazon temporarily suspending preorders on upcoming Blu-ray and DVD sales of Warner Bros. content over a pricing dispute in June 2014. The suspension lasted nearly two weeks before the negotiations were resolved and the preorders for the affected home media resumed as normal. There is currently no official statement from Warner Bros. or Amazon regarding the situation at this time.

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