Amazon Teams with Russo Brothers for a Global TV Franchise

Chris Evans and Joe and Anthony Russo on the set of Avengers: Infinity War

Amazon Studios is teaming up with Anthony and Joe Russo's production company to create a "groundbreaking global television franchise" that will air on its Prime platform.

The announcement came at the Television Critics Association meetings. According to Deadline, Amazon's partnership with the Russo's AGBO Studios will see the development of a series that will act as a springboard for multiple original local-language and local production series designed to enhance the entertainment experience. While Amazon kept details quiet about the concept for the series, it was revealed that "the Russo Brothers will have the creative freedom to oversee an ambitious concept meant to … redefine the boundaries of storytelling."

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"The Russo Brothers have impacted the pop culture barometer of creative excellence with their vision for both Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War," Head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke said in a statement. "They brought a level of scale and execution to those films that has raised the bar for audiences everywhere and we can’t wait for them to do the same for us on this project for our Amazon Prime Customers. We are thrilled to be working with Joe and Anthony Russo and their AGBO Studios as they build this incredible, multifaceted, international franchise."

The Russo brothers described the series as "a massive, global TV adventure" in a pre-taped video for the announcement. The pair also revealed they will be "sourcing talent from all around the world" for the project.

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While the Russo brothers' work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Captain America: The Winter SoldierCaptain America: Civil WarAvengers: Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers 4 has vaulted them further into the public eye, the pair have a strong history in television, having directed episodes -- both together and individually -- for Community, Happy Endings and Arrested Development, among other series, while also garnering an Emmy for their work on the Arrested Development pilot.

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