Amazon Is Developing a Free To Play Lord of the Rings MMO


No one can say that Amazon is wasting the rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise. Since the 2017 acquisition, the company has commenced development on several projects that seem to be making the most out of the beloved fantasy world created by J.R.R Tolkien.

In fact, Amazon Game Studios, in conjunction with Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited, is now developing a massively multiplayer online video game set in Middle-earth.

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The currently untitled game will be available for both PC and major consoles. Amazon Game Studio Vice President Christoph Hartmann stated, "Tolkien’s Middle-earth is one of the richest fictional worlds in history," adding, "it gives our team of experienced MMO developers – from the same studio developing New World – tremendous opportunity to play and create."

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While Amazon is also working on an ambitious television series based on Tolkien's fantasy world, the two projects are completely unrelated. The development team consists of several professionals whose resumes consist of successful MMOs such as Everquest and World of Warcraft.

The game will be made available worldwide, however, while Amazon Game Studio will handle publishing in most countries, Leyou will publish in China.

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In describing the partnership between the two companies, Leyou CEO Alex Xu said, "Bringing Middle-earth to life necessitates having the very best partners, and Amazon’s customer obsession, technology, and talented teams make it the ideal choice for a co-developer and publisher."

No release date has been announced for the Lord of the Rings MMO.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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