Amazon Studios Orders Hanna TV Series


Amazon Studios has announced it has given a straight-to-series order for Hanna, a drama based on the 2011 film directed by Joe Wright and written by David Farr. The series does not yet have a release date.

David Farr, who since the original film has been working most notably on the BBC/AMC project The Night Manager, is said to be returning to work on the television show. Apparently, the writer has been working closely with NBCUniversal’s International Studios’ L.A. scripted team in order to develop the project.

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The movie centered on teenage girl assassin Hanna undertaking on a dangerous journey, one that culminated in a head-on collision with the CIA. T the TV drama appears to be sticking with a similar route, described as a coming-of-age drama mixed together with all the spy/assassin-thriller aspects of the original film. It will tell the story of a young, skilled girl on the run from the CIA, all in the name of discovering her true identity. That said, Farr made it clear that the TV show will be very different from the movie, but in what ways remains to be seen.

The dark and quirky 2011 assassin film from Focus Features, which has garnered a cult following since it hit theaters six years ago, originally starred actress Saoirse Ronan as the teenage killing machine, trained by her equally dangerous father, played by Eric Bana. Cate Blanchett starred as the films’ antagonist, launching nearly all of the government’s resources to track down Hanna.

It remains unknown as to who will star in Amazon Studios’ Hanna, or if any of the original cast will be make appearances throughout the series.

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