Amazon's Black Friday Board Game Sale Is Everything You Hoped For

Black Friday is upon us, and flocks of discount-seeking shoppers are lining up behind registers at stores all over the country. Of course, those lines are somewhat subdued in recent years, as online sales have allowed people to stay home, digest their turkey and order what they want with the click of a mouse.

Amazon is a driving force behind that new movement, and they have plenty of intriguing sales this year for Black Friday, including in the board game department. Strategy and trivia games are highlighted in this year's sale, so if you are looking for a new family favorite game to try out this holiday season, look no further than Amazon when you're shopping this weekend.

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Classic strategy games such as Catan are on sale for $25.99, and regular Catan players who might be looking for an added flair can grab the Game of Thrones version of the game for significantly less than normal, as it is currently on sale for $44.79, marked down from its usual price of $79.95. Unfortunately, the Catan expansion that allows for a fifth player is not listed under the Black Friday board game specials.

If Game of Thrones-themed games pique your interest, Amazon has a number of other games on sale that are tailored to the hit HBO series. A Game of Thrones trivia game is discounted from $39.95 to $19.48, and a Thrones card game is listed at $22.90, about $17 less than its normal sales price. There's also a Thrones board game that has 20 bucks knocked off the original price.

Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are also featured in the sale, including the Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars: Armada core sets, and Star Wars: X-Wing sets. Lord of the Rings fans can find a card game tailored to the series, for about $16 off the original price.

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Other hit strategy games include Ticket to Ride and Pandemic, while others include Dead of Winter, Smallworld and Mansions of Madness.

For those who prefer a little less strategy and more classic family fun, Amazon also has board game cornerstones such as Monopoly and Scrabble on sale. Given the enormous variety they are offering, a shopper can likely pick up an old favorite that they want a new copy of, as well as a new game they've been hearing good things about, all for a reasonable price. Every game listed under the board game specials are eligible for Amazon Prime perks, so load up your cart and get free two-day shipping as well.

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