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Amazing X-Men #6

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Amazing X-Men #6

After swapping out “Wolverine and the X-Men” for the all-new “Amazing X-Men,” Jason Aaron’s time writing an X-Men title comes to a close with “Amazing X-Men” #6. It’s a slightly sudden departure; Aaron wraps up the opening storyline that brought Nightcrawler back and added Firestar to the overall X-Men roster, but it’s hard to ignore that this epilogue is a setup for a story that someone else (upcoming writing duo Chris Yost and Craig Kyle) will have to write.

“Amazing X-Men” #6 delivers what the cover promises, as the resurrected Nightcrawler meets up with his mother Mystique. It’s actually several reunions packed into one, as Nightcrawler’s return brings together not only the main team of X-Men, but also characters who are connected with him. “Excalibur” fans, for instance, will probably give off a little cheer when they see Captain Britain and Meggan present. And of course, there are some other surprises in store.

It’s hard to ignore that this issue is titled, “All in the Family, Part 1,” though. With Aaron now out the door, if and when a part 2 shows up is anyone’s guess. While dangling plotlines are hardly something new to superhero comics, this one feels a little more abrupt than normal. The proverbial ball is in the air, but now we’ll have to wait to see who if anyone will catch it. Then again, some of the script feels a little abrupt, too. A couple of plot points never quite organically flow, and it’s definitely not one of Aaron’s better issues.

Stewart’s art is good, though, able to work well alongside Ed McGuinness’ pencils from the first five issues when Aaron’s run is eventually collected into a single volume. Stewart’s the type of artists who is drawing in a clean, open style, although his figures come across a little more blocky than those from McGuinness. He definitely draws a mean looking Mystique, and Nightcrawler also comes across well. Nightcrawler’s teleportation effect gets an almost starburst look here, which is a fun touch, without losing the cloud of brimstone. And when we get a battle involving teleportation and a motorcycle, well, it feels exciting and animated under Stewart’s pencil.

It’s a shame that Aaron is gone so soon on this title. With Nightcrawler back and Firestar on the team, whatever plans he had for them — and other characters — will eventually only appear in interviews, if even that. This is a slightly lackluster way to wrap things up for Aaron. When Craig Kyle and Chris Yost take over with “Amazing X-Men” #8, here’s hoping they’ll handle some of the elements that were left behind.