10 Absolutely 'Fire' Starfire Cosplays

Cosplay is cool, but not all cosplay is absolutely fire. Granted, not all cosplay is Starfire cosplay either. What makes these 10 Starfire cosplay selections so hot? Let’s take into account the general visual appeal. Is it colorful, vibrant, and well done photographically? We can’t forget to take into account craftsmanship and creativity. Some cosplayers have their costumes made while others make costumes themselves.

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The 10 selections embody Starfire in her power, grace, and free spirit. We have cosplay from the Teen Titans animated series, the classic Starfire, Injustice 2, DC Rebirth, Justice League Odyssey, DC Bombshells, and some creative renditions of our favorite Tamaranian. Let’s see what fun and fire cosplay is in store!

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10 Classic Starfire

Debuting in 1980’s DC Comics Presents #26, is the first version of Starfire. With her lush voluminous hair and her sort of monokini-esque attire created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Starfire (or we should say Koriand’r) was born. The name “Starfire” wasn’t adapted until 1962 in Garner J. Fox’s Mystery In Space #73.

Marlena’s rendition of Kori looks comfortable (except for that huge wig, which kudos to you girl) and has a soft aesthetic to it. She’s a certified MUA, seamstress, and Hufflepuff. As we can see, her craftsmanship is clear, concise, and absolutely fire!

9 DC Rebirth

Starfire’s rebirth was part of the new Teen Titans: Rebirth series by Benjamin Percy that started in 2016 with Damian Wayne recruiting new members to the Titans. With the removal of Wally West, Starfire became the new leader of the Teen Titans. This version of Kori keeps her hair long but not as big as the classic. Starfire’s outfit is more modest with her suit covering her entire torso and her boots coming to her thighs.

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The North Californian amateur cosplayer Caytiecosplay uses a familiar suit done by Canadian cosplayer and dyesub artist Brandon Gilbert, owner of Arachnid Studios. The fine printed craftsmanship shines with Caytiecosplay as the model. Besides being a fire Starfire cosplayer, Caytiecosplay enjoys games and anime.

8 Justice League Odyssey

Staying relevant with her superhero friends, Starfire’s placed into the world of Justice League Odyssey by Joshua Williamson. She teams up with Cyborg, Jessica Cruz, and Azrael to fight the slave trader Despero. Starfire’s outfit is like nothing we have seen before. Her bodice is a mix of a sort of leotard and armor with attached shoulder pieces.

Sarah Phinas, a Floridian cosplayer brings her A-game with her creation. Her wig comes from Webster Wigs, contacts are from UNIQSO, and the shoulder gems were made by Ash. Phinas has the combination of personal and collaborative craftsmanship. With that hair and armor glow, Phinas’s cosplay is an absolute fire qualifier.

7 Glowed Up Starfire

We have a Starfire original! This cosplay was created in 2018 by Ciara Rodriguez of Central Florida as part of her fashion fantasy. Her design was mistaken for a prom dress at MetroCon 2018, which she found amusing. Rodriguez’s rendition is all creativity, sass, and runway ready.

Not only is Rodriguez an absolute fire Starfire cosplayer, she is a designer, costumer, and “Sailormoon enthusiast.” She has a cute dog named Oliver, and does karaoke on her spare time.

6 DC Bombshell

The DC Bombshells, were originally created in 2011 by artist Ant Lucia, who created some of our favorite female heroes and villains as collectible figurines with a 1940s pin up girl inspiration. DC Bombshell comics weren’t adapted into the DC Universe until 2015. Writer Marguerite Bennett wanted to create a world in World War II where the women were the heroes.

Aurel BockNelson from Portland, Oregon, crafted her DC Bombshell Starfire all on her own. She used patterns by McCall’s Patterns and had some other creative tactics. BockNelson even has a vintage look about her that makes this cosplay perfect.

5 Teen Titans Animated Series

The Teen Titans animated series created by Glen Murakami premiered in 2003 on Cartoon Network. Based on the original 1980s story by Wolfman and Pérez, this animated series was a hit and nominated for three Annie Awards and one Motion Picture Sound Editors Award. We can also see this version of Starfire in the spin-off series Teen Titans Go!

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Raine Emery created this cosplay herself with the wig styled by Kae. The visual appeal on this is the photo editing. This cosplay looks realistic based on her reflection in the water and how it truly looks like she's about to softly land on the ground. Emery's scene and cosplay is captivating, which makes it an absolutely fire Starfire cosplay.

4 Titans Starfire

Titansthe live action series premiered in 2018 on the DC Universe streaming service. This adaptation with star Anna Diop, is meant to depict Starfire in her state of amnesia. In Titans Kori is seen at a nightclub which is where she got her interesting outfit taste.

Logan the 'Amazon Princess' looks eerily similar to Diop in her cosplay photo. She looks powerful like Diop's version of Kori. The editing on her photo is theatrical, clean, and professional. Overall, Logan has high visual appeal, therefore she's absolutely fire.

3 Injustice 2

NetherRealm Studios in 2017 created the sequel of Injustice: Gods Among Us; Injustice 2, a fighting video game based on some of our favorite DC characters. Starfire's outfit in this is another original in design. She has an illuminating ensemble that looks like a combination of a stained glass window and a butterfly (mainly looking at her top). For some reason, Starfire gives off the phoenix vibe, which gifts the player this ominous and all powerful experience.

The amount of craftsmanship and realistic interpretation in the photography puts Ariadny in the top three. The visual experience feels real with Ariadny's believable aggression (which she illustrates well in her facial expression) and the three dimensional-esque design.

2 (Another) Justice League Odyssey

A mesmerizing and captivating version of Justice League Odyssey was crafted by German cosplayer Mina. This gorgeous rendition of Starfire is magical in visuals with the luminescent effects. Mina's cosplay is dark, yet inviting. Needless to say Mina's absolutely fire Starfire cosplay is rich in color and something to behold.

1 Goddess Starfire

The most fire Starfire cosplay is one that is creative and unique in many ways. The cosplay is fan art by Hannah Alexander of London. The overall design beautiful and the main unique aspect of this cosplay. The other element of this cosplay that puts Michigan cosplayer, RayGreyCosplay at the top is the fact that she crafted this piece in appreciation of Alexander's work along with the use a fun waterpark background to her advantage. With the simulation of wind and the all around grace RayGreyCosplay shows in the photo makes this cosplay fun, fire, and in goddess mode. There's so much vibrant color, sunshine, and radiance which is 100 percent Starfire.

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