INTERVIEW: Old Romantic Flames Burn Bright in Spencer's Amazing Spider-Man

Fans have obviously been looking forward to this reunion for years, but what made you want to write Peter and MJ back together as a couple?

It was really kind of a happy accident. I had already outlined the first issue, and we all felt really good about it, but I could not shake the feeling that something was missing. So I had dinner with Joe Quesada. We were just talking about the book in general, and in a roundabout way the subject of Peter and MJ came up. So we started talking about them and Joe threw out the idea of getting them back together.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear him suggest that, and as soon as he said it I could instantly see how bringing back that relationship would improve some story threads I had set up. So, once we saw how well that plugged into our long term plans we were off to the races.

I’m a big fan of MJ as a character and I'm a big fan of her and Peter as a couple. I think she makes the book a lot stronger. She helps highlight some great things about Peter as a character, while also being a fantastic character in her own right. So, getting to write her and write them together in the book has been really great.

Right now, it's all smiles and romance for Peter and MJ, but you've been dropping hints that some perhaps supernatural parties might be working to prevent their long term happiness. Of course Marvel's premier demonic entity, Mephisto, was at least partly responsible for the way their relationship ended last time. Is part of the long term story you're telling a sequel or follow up to the controversial 2007 “One More Day” arc?

On that, I'm going to have to give you a giant “no comment.” [Laughs] There's a lot of mystery yet to be revealed, and a lot of details left to be filled in.

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Fair enough. While we're on the topic of Peter's love life, another old flame stepped back into the world of Amazing Spider-Man in issue #8: Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat. She's had a chaotic relationship with Spidey and superheroes in general these last few years. So, which aspects of her character are you especially interested in exploring?

I'm a huge fan of the Black Cat. In fact, Superior Foes of Spider-Man really started as a Black Cat pitch. Eventually it got flipped on its head so that she wasn't the main character any more, even though she was an important part of the story over all.

I've always been a really big fan of Felicia as a character. I was obviously excited to get to write her here. I like characters who are unpredictable. You never quite know which direction they're going to go in. They keep the reader on their toes. I also like that Felicia is kind of making up her morality as she goes along and trying to do good while not necessarily being a good person. I like the kind of careful balancing act that she's always doing in terms of what is and isn't acceptable, and how that contrasts with Peter who has such a rigid sense of right and wrong.

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