INTERVIEW: Old Romantic Flames Burn Bright in Spencer's Amazing Spider-Man

Over the years, Spider-Man has been in a number of romantic relationships, but he's really only had three great loves. The first, Gwen Stacy, tragically perished when he was still in college. The other two; Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy (the superhero and super criminal known as the Black Cat) have walked in and out of his life on numerous occasions. Both of those characters recently stepped back into Spidey's web, and his life has taken a number of interesting twists and turns because of it.

Mary Jane returned when Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley kicked off a new volume of Amazing Spider-Man by reviving the fan favorite romantic relationship between her and Peter. So far, their relationship has been great for both characters, but there is a mysterious and seemingly supernatural villain lurking in the background who might have designs for Peter and MJ. Black Cat returned in Amazing Spider-Man #8, the opening chapter of a new arc by Spencer and artist Humberto Ramos, titled “Heist.” Her return has made Peter a target of her wrath, and embroiled both of them in a bold operation by a mysterious and powerful criminal organization.

CBR spoke with Spencer about his plans for Peter, MJ, and the Black Cat, his new take on some classic X-Men villains that appear in Heist, and what fans can expect from his Amazing Spider-Man run in 2019.

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CBR: One especially interesting aspect of your run onAmazing is that it's given a lot of Spider-Fans what they want in the return of the romantic relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. So, how does it feel to pen a fairly popular story after writing some tales that were more controversial?

Nick Spencer: [Laughs] You always have to go where the story takes you. I don't tend to look at what I'm writing and ask myself whether or not the fans will like it. I just have to trust my own instincts, and tell the story that I think I would want to read. Thankfully and happily, the story that I was most passionate about telling here happened to be one that I think was a bit of a crowd pleaser. That's always nice.

I've been so grateful and so over the moon about the response to the book. It does seem like it's striking a chord with people and the fans seem to really enjoy reading it. It's nice to be writing something that makes people smile and laugh. We're going to have plenty of time for big stakes and drama as time goes on, but it's nice to see people responding to the point we're at in the story right now.

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