Amazing Spider-Man Gives Peter Parker a Supervillain Identity and 'Power'

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #6 by Nick Spencer, Humberto Ramos, Steve Lieber, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado, Rachelle Rosenberg and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

While casual fans are accustomed to the perilous situations Spider-Man typically finds himself in, his alter ego, Peter Parker, is no stranger to drama himself. From struggling to make enough money to pay his rent to girlfriend problems, an entire monthly comic could be dedicated to Spider-Man's personal life.

Peter is no stranger to having problematic roommates, but Boomerang is making a case as the biggest pain in Peter and Spider-Man's rear end. Aside from never doing his portion of the chores and adding adult channels to their monthly cable bill, having a supervillain living under the same roof as a superhero can raise some red flags. But when Boomerang learns Peter used to be Spider-Man's personal photographer, Fred Myers takes a whole new interest in his roommate.

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Since Spider-Man has fought and apprehended Boomerang on numerous occasions, the first thought is Fred won't take too kindly to Peter and Spidey being so tight, going so far as to hold Peter hostage in order to lure the web-slinger into a trap. Of course, that wouldn't have gone too well for poor Boomerang, with Peter and Spider-Man being one and the same. Boomerang may be a criminal and a jerk, but that doesn't mean he isn't intelligent. Seeing a connection between Peter and Spider-Man gives Fred an idea that results in Peter joining the supervillain ranks.

Liar, Liar

It turns out Boomerang's latest scheme isn't a nefarious as we feared -- instead of doing bodily harm to Peter, he intends to bring him to The Bar With No Name for Spider-Man Trivia Night. If Peter is a self-professed "Spider-Man Expert," then the two of them winning the large cash prize should be a breeze.

However, in order to congregate inside the halls of The Bar With No Name, you have to be wearing your supervillain costume. Last time we checked, Peter only owns superhero attire. Never fear, because Boomerang is on the case. Once the bar's villainous occupants begin to question who this guy is wearing street clothes, Boomerang lets the room know Peter is The Liar, with the special ability to make you believe anything.

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The Liar isn't the most impressive or creative supervillain name to debut in the Marvel Universe, but give Peter credit -- he dives head-first into his new role once the trivia begins. No obscure question is too tough for Peter to answer, as he quickly racks up win after win. The Liar's superpowers are on full display, because the villains buy this act and don't question if Peter is legit or not.

Things take a turn for the worst after Peter answers the final question and it looks like he and Boomerang are taking home the grand prize. Boomerang made an enemy out of Wilson Fisk, leaving the former Kingpin no choice but to put a bounty on his head. The Bar With No Name has a strict "no fighting" rule that everybody normally abides by, but once everyone gets a look at the money on the line, the rules go out the window.

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Amazing Spider-Man #7 will pit Boomerang and The Liar up against The Bar With No Name, with their only hope for survival resting with Peter's newfound lying abilities. The Liar better hope he can earn his keep.

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